Stella Taylor Bergan is a fitness and lifestyle consultant and wellness expert based in Portola Valley, California.

“Building a functional body is essential to moving well, living well, and enjoying the activities that make life fun!” – Stella

As a teenager, I struggled with body image, always feeling like I needed to lose those last five pounds. By the time I started college, I was battling eating issues and poor health habits. Midway through college after being hospitalized with pneumonia and coming very close to dying, I turned a corner and from then on, the quest to lead a healthier lifestyle began. For the last 30 years, I have been engaged in learning as much as I can about food, fitness, nutrition, health, habits, mental health, and anything that leads to feeling better and living a full life. Fortunately, I had an interest in cooking “gourmet” meals from a very early age.  Now, I just try to cook tasty yet nutrient packed meals for my family of 6.

Before starting stellafit, I worked as an executive coach and change management consultant for Ernst & Young, LLC. I received my bachelor’s degree from Birmingham-Southern College and my master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Virginia. I am a NASM certified personal trainer with a unique combination of strategy, coaching, and therapy skills. My passion is to help my clients live their best lives, allowing them to make all things possible. This drives me to stay up to date on the most current science and health education.

Certifications include

  • Precision Nutrition
  • TRX
  • Power Plate
  • Animal Flow
  • FRC – Functional Range Conditioning
  • Project Resistance
  • Institute of Motion’s L1, L2, L3 mentorships
  • PTAGlobal’s L2 mentorship, 
  • Completed a 2-day cadaver lab with Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains
  • Equinox High Performance Living Symposium annually.

I am a wife, mom of 4 active kids, a lifelong sports enthusiast, and a runner for over 35 years, including 9 marathons, three 200 mile relays, and over a hundred other races.

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What Stellafit clients have to say:

Stella, I cannot tell you how many people came up to me and said what a great worthwhile two hours they spent Saturday morning attending your work out and informational session! Truly so many people have asked for more information. I thank you for doing the class and for putting so much effort into the presentation and meeting everyone where they are. I really hope we do something similar like for our 40th and I know we will have twice as many people because everybody there was fed and nourished by your presentation and work out!! You are amazing. ❤


I’m getting ingredients for smoothie and apple cider vinegar tomorrow!!


Hi Stella!
Last summer, I found the summer XC program that you ran really helpful and fun, and I enjoyed doing XC and track this school year, and taking it more seriously than before. I noticed that you are doing the program again this year. I was going to sign up, but I have wanted to challenge myself by running a half marathon sometime later this year. I have a couple of friends that want to do the same. I wanted to know if you recommended any sort of training group that you may know of that I could join to try and reach my goal. I have kept up running all year and now I really want to take it a step further.
Thank you so much!

Hi Stella-
Because of YOU and your running program, my son decided to run in the race School House Rocks 5K a few weeks ago.  He has NEVER run in a race.   He decided completely on his own to do this, and even had himself training for it 3 times a week by running on his own about a month before the race, using the techniques you taught him.   Even though he finished last for his age group, he ran the entire race and finished it!!  This is a big achievement for him.  Now, he is starting to run on his own three times a week!!!  I’m just so happy he is finding pleasure in running and is understanding the benefits of physical exercise.
Thanks for everything Stella.

Hi Stella!
I’d personally like to thank you for offering your wonderful fitness programs at Hillview.  I’m so glad that my girls, were able to participate in your Cross Country  and Winter Conditioning programs.  They both enjoyed the programs and improved in their running strength and overall endurance tremendously!  The girls and I often walk/jog the Dish and before your program they would run out of steam and complain, but now they’re the ones motivating me!  They now love jogging and I love watching their confidence build as their running strength and endurance improves.  ~Jamey

Stella has been my coach for the past year; its been an amazing year.  She has helped me adjust my diet to eat in a more healthy fashion and uncovered my lactose intolerance.  She has encouraged me to continue my water exercises while suggesting a walking regime and yoga classes. I am happy with my weight and my stamina has returned.  Stella has expertise in all of these areas in addition to being a great listener and a goal focused compassionate coach.  ~Hedy

Just want to thank you again for inspiring Jonathan  in track/running.
He really loves your after school class, and I am so happy that this non-athletic kid has found something
to keep him moving that he really likes and feels good about.
I can’t thank you enough.

I was on a high for several days afterwards– the combo of mastering the physical challenge and doing it with my dad was pretty special.
Please keep pushing me!  Thanks! ~Diane

 I have been going to Stella’s boot camp in Stanford Hills Park for about 2 years.  Stella puts together a variety of different types of workouts (core, strength, balance, flexibility etc.) that are fun, challenging and because of the variety never boring. Stella is great at working with how someone might modify a particular exercise because of an injury or because the exercise might be too challenging for them.  Stella has such a positive attitude; she has motivated me to get in to better shape. I also love the camaraderie and friendships that have developed in the group. We have a couple of get-togethers throughout the year (holidays, birthdays etc.).  I think I am the oldest participant in the class…. and it has been fun getting to develop friendships with younger folks.  Just last year I decided to try to learn a new sport (kiteboarding) and when I told Stella about it she was very supportive, asking me how it was going and making me feel like I could do it.  In class Stella would say we are going to do this particular exercise to help me get in shape for kiteboarding. Stella’s boot camp class and learning a new sport has helped me to feel “young again”.  ~ Bonnie

Stella is truly transformative. My wife starting working out at bootcamp 5 years ago, after our last child. She was de conditioned from childbirth and raising three  kids. Our diets consisted of high carb, quick foods.
When she started bootcamp I saw a n immediate change in her spirit and energy. As time went on she shed 40 lbs of weight, and  had a new out look on life. Suddenly healthier choices for meals in our household became the norm.
I was so excited about her transformation. I Joined her in camp.
Over the years Stella has been not only a trainer but a life coach and a friend. She even helped me plan a successful wedding anniversary weekend ( one of the best I’ve ever had)!!!!
Stella is constantly bring new techniques and innovative equipment to us. She tailors the classes so know one feels overwhelmed or under challenged.
The workouts are never boring. The routines change to keep clients engaged and excited.
My wife and I are so grateful for what Stella has brought into our lives. The is no rating scale for the incredible asset she has been to both of us.  ~ Chris

“Stella’s group fitness workout is efficient, effective and FUN.  I can’t think of a better way to start my day!”    ~ Diane

“I’ve been attending Stella’s workout classes since spring 2011.  Before that I had a cholesterol level of 212 and was generally out of shape. A year after starting her program, my cholesterol went down to 168 without any dietary changes. I am positive her high intensity core workouts have made a significant change to my overall health and well being. I’ve also had a few injuries where I had to take some time off from exercise, and when I came back Stella adjusted her workouts to my specific needs. Her workouts are a nice mix of fun, social and sweat that have become an integral part of my weekly routine.” ~ Deanna

I am grateful that my son did X-Country with Stella Bergan.  She introduced him to the joy of running and getting in shape.  He even did a few races..  Stella was so enthusiastic, supportive and approachable.  She cared about each kid and didn’t push too hard so the kids could really enjoy  the journey.  The best evidence of her efforts was that my son wanted to run cross country in High School and he made the team.  Thank you, Stella.”   ~  Andrea

Stella’s Small Classes are so much more that just a great workout they are fun! Stella’s enthusiasm, energy, and positive spirit are contagious. I’ve been going to her classes since 2011 not only am I in better shape, I’m eating better and have more energy. I look forward to starting my day with a Stella workout. ~ Danielle

Thanks for another GREAT boot camp this morning! After two weeks, I can tell that I’m stronger, getting leaner, and having less recovery challenges after each session. ~ Paula

I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your classes. You do such a great job in teaching and motivating (all things I need). ~ Gina

To an uninitiated, late-middle-aged woman like me, words like Boot Camp and ViPR inspired fear and a repellent force field. I was wrong. Yes, there is hurt, but dominating words inspired by Stella’s work-out are giggling, energy, strength, camaraderie, support. ~ Patti