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Stella specializes in helping people make small changes to their daily routine and building a solid foundation of overall health.
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Stella takes a holistic approach focusing on the 5 Tenets of health including:

How well are you nourishing your body?

Do you get adequate and consistent sleep?

Do you take time daily to focus on your breath? Do you breathe through your nose? Do you understand how you can use your breath to control your nervous system?

Do you spend time connecting with others, with nature, with yourself?

How often and in what ways are you moving your body daily?

She will engage your team on the following topics:

  • The 5 Tenents of Health – Making Small Changes to Your Habits is Essential to Living Well
  • Health Strategies for Top Executives
  • The Impact of Habits on Performance
  • Staying Healthy on the Road


Former Speaking Engagements Include

  • National Charity League
  • Young Men’s Service League
  • University Club of Palo Alto
  • Harpeth Hall School – Nashville
  • Menlo Atherton High School

Health is our greatest commodity