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Eating a healthful diet seems like it should be so easy, doesn’t it?

And really, it should, except our daily food habits and choices have been built over a lifetime and it takes work to deconstruct them and build new habits.

A solid nutrition plan is vital for good health, but nutrition is so much more than just food. It includes how we eat, with whom, where we eat, what brings us joy and pleasure around food, our fears, and discomforts around food. I believe in building a solid foundation of healthy habits including cooking at home, choosing quality ingredients, and working towards balancing blood sugar.

Recipes for Cooking at Home

Not only is cooking at home easy and fun, but it is also a great way to consume healthier ingredients and nourish your body. Creating healthy food habits is key to maintaining a happy lifestyle. Check out Stella’s original recipes and her other favorites for all meals of the day.

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What it's Like to Work With Stella

“If anyone tries to sell you the best diet plan, just be skeptical as there is no best diet plan. Our diets should work for our bodies and lifestyle.”