My Favorite Things

Stella’s Favorites

Trail Running Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 

The Bay Area is full of beautiful trails to hike, run, and walk on, and a good pair of trail shoes is essential. I love the Nike Terra Kigers, which are very lightweight and comfortable and have a convenient rubber toe that keeps your toes dry when trails are wet and muddy.

Minimal Shoes: Xero HFS

I love these Xero shoes for road running as well as HIIT and strength workouts, like my Bootcamp! They are incredibly lightweight and give you an almost barefoot feeling while still being supportive.

Running Hat: Nike AeroBill Featherlight

I always like to run or exercise with a hat for sun protection and to keep hair out of my face. This Nike hat is super comfortable and lightweight so it never interferes with my workout or hurts my head.

Running Shorts: Athleta Mesh Racer Run Shorts and Lululemon Speed Up Shorts

These shorts from Athleta are my go-to because of their cute color choices and comfortable, flowy feel. The 4” length is perfect for running, and I especially like that there are multiple pockets to keep keys and belongings in while exercising. The Lululemon Speed Up shorts are another pair of running shorts I always reach for because of their breathability, comfort, adjustable waistband, and endless color options.

Running Leggings: Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Run Leggings

Sweaty Betty is one of my favorite athletic clothing brands, and my favorite product from them is the Zero Gravity leggings. They are incredibly thin and lightweight, while still providing coverage and holding up for years. The material is sweat-wicking and super breathable, especially with the mesh features behind the knees. They have plenty of pockets and lots of color choices!

Running Tops: Sweaty Betty Breeze Running Long Sleeve and Breeze Running T-Shirt

For running tops, I always go back to my Sweaty Betty Breeze pieces, both the long sleeve and t-shirt. These tops are durable and breathable, and the long sleeve is a great second layer for fall or chilly early mornings. There is also a merino wool version that is perfect for the winter months.

Blender: Vitamix

We make StellaFit’s Famous Green Smoothie in my house every morning, and it would not be possible without our Vitamix! Their blenders are extremely powerful and quickly blend smoothies, sauces, soups, or whatever you’re making. Pro tip: when you’re done add water and dish soap to the blender and run it as usual to keep it clean.


Grocery Service: Good Eggs

I never go a week without my Good Eggs delivery and I cannot emphasize their amazing service and product selection enough. They partner with local food brands and small businesses and sell meal kits, prepared food, fresh produce, pantry staples, and everything you need to make nutritious meals. You can use their app or website to place an order, and you can set up a recurring delivery time slot each week. Use the link above to receive $25 off your first order, or $5 off your order if you are already a customer!


Immunity Supplement: mykind Elderberry Gummies

While we can build our immune system through exercise and a healthy diet packed with fruits and veggies, I like to have these elderberry gummies on hand during the flu season for extra protection. These gummies have no harmful ingredients and they’re delicious! 


Protein Powder: Truvani Organic Chocolate Plant Based Protein Powder

I love having protein powder on hand to add to smoothies to make it a more filling snack or meal. This organic protein powder from Truvani comes in multiple flavors and has no harmful ingredients.

Yoga Mat: Lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm

Having a good yoga mat is necessary to reduce joint pain during yoga or a mat-based workout, and I personally love the 5mm mat from Lululemon. The underside is rubber-based and does not move around while using it, and the top does an excellent job remaining grippy so your hands and feet don’t slip. I love the color options, and the mat is very easy to clean with a wet cloth. I find that the 5mm is a good thickness that is not so thin that it feels uncomfortable, but not overly cushioned.


Yoga Block: Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick

When it comes to yoga blocks, I prefer a dense cork brick for strong support. I love the Gaiam cork block because it is affordable and well made. Gaim also has some foam blocks that are slightly less dense but great if you want a more cushioned block.


Yoga Pillow: Brentwood Home Pillow Set

Along with wonderful mattresses and pet beds, Brentwood Home has a yoga pillow line with all the items you need for a supported yoga practice.


Sleep Assistant: The Hatch Restore

The Hatch Restore is a lifesaver when it comes to restful sleep. It functions as a sound machine, an alarm clock, and it is compatible with their app to be used as a meditation tool. I use it every night and recommend it to everyone, whether you struggle with sleep or not!

Cooler: Yeti

If you’re looking for a reliable cooler to keep food fresh and drinks cold, I cannot recommend the Yeti brand enough. They are unbelievably effective when it comes to maintaining a cool temperature, and there are a bunch of sizes to choose from, including a backpack cooler that is great for a hike or outdoor adventure. They also have great insulated water bottles that closely compare to Hydro Flasks. 


Water Bottle: Hydro Flask

My family keeps Hydro Flask in business! We love their water bottles and their ability to keep iced drinks nice and cold, or help hot beverages retain heat. The fun color choices and wide range of size choices make these bottles even more appealing, and on top of everything they are super easy to wash!


Mattresses and Pet Beds: Brentwood Home

I go to Brentwood Home for all things comfort; for myself, my family, and my dogs! Their dog beds have withstood my two rambunctious dogs and held up wonderfully. As for their mattresses, they are very high quality and have a variety of options to fit your comfort needs. 


Joggers: Vuori Performance Jogger

You will not believe how soft these joggers are—and everything else from Vuori! They are perfect for traveling, lounging, or walking around in cooler weather, and they have a bunch of cute colors to choose from. They hit right above the ankle, and they offer a long version if you prefer a longer fit!


Reading Glasses: Flutter Eyewear

I have a pair of readers from Flutter Eyewear and they are stylish, not too pricey, and very well made. They have so many cute styles and colors to choose from.


Body Products: The Body Deli

I love Body Deli for their lotions, scrubs, and facial products. Everything I have purchased from them has been hydrating, luxurious, and it all smells fantastic. 


Makeup Shop: Credo Beauty

I believe both the products we consume and the products we put on our bodies should be clean, which is why I use Credo Beauty to find clean and safe beauty products. They carry tons of clean beauty brands and make it easy to find skincare products, makeup essentials, and even hair and body products.