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InMenlo Article from 10/14

InMenlo: “More than a work out, Stella Bergan offers clients a wellness boutique”  More than a work out, Stella Bergen offers clients a wellness boutique Posted: 14 Oct 2014 12:02 PM PDT As she looks back on her life, Stella Bergan says she’s has always […]

Learning to Embrace Failures in order to Succeed

I love this quote by Michael Jordan, he really sums up the notion that the key to success is being able to embrace failure.  Now I don’t mean embrace in the sense that you have to try and fail so you can be super happy […]

What I Have Learned

I get asked many questions over the course of each week, some I can answer and some I cannot.  Some people want information on how to get quick results, and some people just want to know how to feel better.  I get questions on sugar, […]

The Toxicity of Sugar

I had the pleasure of attending a Blue Stocking Salon speaker event at Stanford on Thursday featuring Dr. Robert Lustig.  Dr. Lustig is the UCSF pediatric endocrinologist who has done extensive research on the effects of sugar on our health, delivered the viral You Tube […]

Mind Full or Mindful?

  Sometimes my blogs are inspired by others (power of suggestion), by local events, by articles I have read, or by things I see in the community and sometimes they are a reminder to myself that hopefully, others will benefit from as well.  Today’s blog […]

Awesome Life Tip

I love this “awesome life tip”!  Yes, ask for what you want, write down your goals and dreams, keep rewriting them as your change your course, just take the plunge toward creating the life you want and always believe you are worthy!!! We have a […]