May 28, 2020

Summer is Here + New Zoom Classes

Teen Tabata with StellaFit

StellaFit’s Teen Tabata Workout is Online with Zoom and open to all incoming 6th – 9th graders! This class is designed to help teens improve tissue health, gain better movement patterns, and improve overall fitness (cardiovascular + core strength).

The class is broken up into 3 sections which include 5-6 minutes of tissue prep, 10 minutes of mobility warmup, 10 minutes of foundational strength, 30 minutes of Tabata (cardio + core intervals), plus 5 minutes of stretching.

Tabata is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session that is broken down into (6) 4-minute sessions, each with 8 segments of 20 seconds work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. I have found that this workout works great for teens because they can work really hard for the 20-second intervals, it is super fast-paced, and they do not get bored.

Days/times: Monday and Wednesday  4-5 pm. 

Dates:  June 1st – July 1st (5 weeks).

Cost: $200 (Only one signup per family needed if more than one child would like to join).

Equipment needed: It would be great to have a therapy ball (lacrosse or tennis ball will work) and a mat (could also just use a towel).




 Due to popular demand, StellaFit is offering a Rise and Mobilize virtual class starting next Wednesday, June 1st!
  This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to improve their mobility, stability, and strength. Mobility and Stability are the keys to unlocking better human movement. Whether you are a top-seeded athlete, just want to improve your golf swing, or just want to move and feel better, this is a great class for you! Remember, there is an athlete in all of us and all athletes need a solid base of mobility and stability to function at their highest level! Improve joint range of motion, gain better control and function of your body, and decrease risk of injury – sign up today!

Wednesdays,  7:15 am – 8:15 am PST 

Cost: $22 per class or $75 per month – class will be recorded and can be accessed at a later time.
Open to Everyone