May 24, 2019

Maximize Your Potential

I really want to get in shape but cannot seem to put in the work? How do I motivate myself?

Have you heard a trainer or health professional say “being consistent will get you results”?

If you are my client or read my blogs, or listen to my podcast, you have definitely heard me say that. And guess what, it is true.

Your habits definitely contribute to if not determine your overall health. But being consistent is really about having the disciple to do whatever it is you need to do to get healthy, maintain your health, or reach your goals. Motivation will always come and go, you may want to look good for summer or for your high school or college reunion, but once that is over, then what? If you have not established the discipline to move every or most days, make some improvements to your diet, improve your quality of sleep, manage your stress, and connect with your loved ones, then you will go right back to where you were.

Here is what I recommend to my clients. First and foremost ask yourself, “what is in this for me?” Really answer that question as best you can and list all the positive health outcomes. Then come up with a plan and commit to making it a priority. You have to channel the same discipline you put towards other goals towards your health goals.

Motivation + Consistency is the same thing as Goals + Discipline. You must determine that you are really worthy of living your best life and you cannot live your best life without your most healthy self.