January 15, 2019

Stella’s Top 5 Tips for Your Post Holiday Reboot

The two times of the year where I really step off the healthy habit train are late summer (early August when I take off a couple of weeks) and between Christmas Eve and the 2nd week of January when I head back to work. I try to take off two weeks during both of those times and really recharge. Recharge for me means eating what I want, sleeping past 5:30am, and trying not to work as much as possible. The good and bad of this 2 week break is that I am really ready to get back on track when it is over because I am well aware that I do not feel as good as when I stay on track. I have to admit that it is generally more extended than the two weeks. It starts little by little from Thanksgiving and keeps rolling until my kids go back to school after the holidays. 

Each time I get back on the wagon so to speak, I try to take note of how I am feeling and why I am so ready to get back to a more structured way of living. This year, I have to admit that I have really noticed how much the arthritis in my hand (thumb joint) improves when I am gluten free. So I am back to eating a primarily gluten, dairy, and sugar free diet which includes lots of plants and good quality sources of proteins and fats, little alcohol, more movement, deep breathing, and getting outside as much as possible. 

If you choose to do a “reset” this January, whether you choose a “Whole 30” program, eliminating sugar for 21-30 days, or something else, just make sure you really pay attention to how you feel and what changes give you the best results. The goal is always to make 1-2 sustainable changes that really improve your health and quality of life. We always want to keep our eye on what is sustainable over time to help us feel and look our best for the long haul.

Post Holiday Reboot

Stella’s 5 easy tips to get you back on track

  1. Have a plan to “reset” your diet.
  2. Set a fitness goal.
  3. Meditate/breathe if only for 5 min each day.
  4. Try to set a “daily intention” each morning.
  5. Get back to 7-8 hours each night.

Want to learn more? Check out Stella’s Podcast. Next week she will give examples and explain why each of these tips is important to your health and wellness.
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What’s New at StellaFit

1) StellaFit was busy in 2018! The MWF Small Group Class has been kicking butt (literally) for 8 years now and is going strong! Every year we celebrate with our annual holiday party to toast our success and celebrate the community we have built together.

2) This was my 4th year to coach x-country at Hillview Middle School. I will be back again for my winter conditioning class starting January 9th. The kids had a great season!

3) I have been meeting with the Menlo-Atherton baseball team to help them improve their mobility and stability and improve tensegrity with a little Animal Flow. These boys are so attentive and such hard workers!