January 6, 2018

Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018!

I woke up this morning to many of my health and fitness professional friends sending out greetings, inspirational quotes and motivational messages. It is that time of year when you wake up and there is a great expectation that everyone gets off the excess rollercoaster and hits the gym.
Well, instead of setting unrealistic expectations today, why not just set an intention of trying to be a little better each day for the next 365 days. I say strive to be 5-10% better each day or maybe each week, just set what works for you. That way, you can evaluate each day where you want to improve and go for it. Maybe it is your health, but it could be in your relationships, maybe you want to improve your connection to others or be more adventurous, you get to choose everyday!
You see, your health is not something you just wake up and masterfully change in one moment (well, not most people). Your overall health is a reflection of what you do day in and day out for 365 days a year. It is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, how you treat your body, your relationship with food, how you prioritize movement, it is a reflection of how you organize your day. Almost everyone can make a change to improve 5-10% each day in at least one area.
A few questions to ask yourself this New Year’s Day –  “Do I eat enough plant-based foods, especially green leafy vegetables?” “Do I strive to move regularly throughout the day?” “Do I go to bed and get up at close to the same time everyday?” “Have I mastered the art of belly breathing?” “Do I drink enough water throughout the day?”  If you answered “NO” to one or more of those questions, it is time to make some small changes to improve 5-10% each day to make a positive impact on your 2018. If you answered “YES” to all of the above, it is time to ask yourself “Where do I need to improve this year to make the biggest impact on my life?” If you have not spent a little time reflecting on 2017, take some time to do that first. Reflect and then decide where to start.
Remember, the best way to get better results is through consistency. If you consistently try to improve 5-10% each day or week, then you will see improvement. Better everyday, that’s my 2018 motto.
If you are looking for a couple of inspirational articles, these were two of my favorites from the last couple of days:
As I reflect on the end of 2017, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your support. I always tell people that I have the most amazing clients and I truly mean that. You all make it easy to go to work each day. Here’s to a fabulous 2018!