May 30, 2016

If you are looking for a little inspiration today


I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day!!  As much as I have come to accept my bouts of loathing over the madness of the May schedule, there are a few things I absolutely love about May. Of course the obvious is the beautiful weather, and yes, the berries, apricots, and early peaches are all delicious and a refreshing change from winter citrus, but another thing I love about May is the graduations speeches. I love listening to positive effects hiking has on your brain, hearing stories of failure followed by success, followed by inspiration. The themes of courage and gratitude interwoven in many of the speeches are a perfect reflection for Memorial Day. If you are looking for a little inspiration today, I really enjoyed Donovan Livingston’s poem at Harvard Graduate School of Education (see, Sheryl Sandberg’s Berkeley keynote address ( and Jeff Huber’s speech at the University of Illinois ( I know many of you know Sheryl and Jeff, so they should be particularly meaningful.


I am planning to start a new recurring blog post called “Feed Your Children Well” and am looking for people to interview!! If you have significantly changed your family’s eating/nutrition over the past few years and would be up for answering 6-7 questions about how you did it, what some of the challenges were, how your family adapted, and some of the positive outcomes, please let me know. Feel free to pass this on to friends who might be interested in being interviewed as well.


We have a limited schedule this week, so make sure you can make on Tuesday/Thursday morning, Wednesday at 9 am at Stanford Hills, or Thursday at 9:15 am at the Stanford Track! For an updated schedule or to sign up please go to






Stella Bergan, MEd, NASM CPT
Health and Human Performance Coach
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