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I remember when I was in graduate school and one of my good friends, a barely 4’11” brilliant British woman who was a few years older and much much wiser than I was filled me in on the “energy and law of the Universe” which I was a little fascinated by but also a little skeptical. I would say, she was right and wise beyond her years. This quote in some way sums up part of the law and energy of the Universe she described and has become a motto for me.


I believe that to stay curious is one of the ways we feed our minds, to stay hungry feeds our body, and to be humble feeds our soul. Curiosity is at the root of all learning – the desire to know more, to learn something new, to understand things more deeply. Staying hungry drives the energy to do better, to be better, to want to improve in ways that challenge us and get us out of our comfort zones, and to stay humble is to think about others before ourselves, it is knowing our strengths and limits. Confucius defined humility as “the solid foundation of all virtues”.


So this week, ask yourselves, “what can I learn”, “what can I do to improve”, and “what can I do to help others” – stay curious, stay hungry, stay humble – and go forth and have a fantastic week!


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