February 1, 2016

The small improvements in our regular eating patterns that we have changed over time that have made a difference.

plantI hope you are all having a nice weekend. I have to admit that this is the week I would assume my children have been waiting for, the end of the Whole30! I actually think they have mixed feelings. They each have one to two foods that they miss, they all miss our family pizza night. I mean pizza really is the ultimate comfort food! The boys miss their favorite bean, rice, and cheese burritos and the girls, well they miss chocolate.


I know the Whole30 is a very challenging undertaking. it requires lots of food prep, organization, and cooking to do it right, but the gains really are worth it if you can manage. For our family, it’s really not about the 30 days, it’s about the small improvements in our regular eating patterns that we have changed over time that have made a difference.


A couple of months ago I was standing in line in Bianchini’s, my neighborhood market, and the little boy in front of me, probably four or five years old with his dad and two older sisters, was being quite unruly. He was pulling the chips off the counter and then whacking his sister with the bag of chips, then hitting his other sister and running around pulling things off the shelves. He was scolded by his dad, but that really did not help. He got his bag of cheetos and I got whatever I was waiting for and proceeded to do the rest of my shopping. In the back of the store I again encountered the young boy and his older sister. This time he was melting down about getting a soda and of course, she let him pick one out. I could not help at that moment but feel sorry for him. His behavior was out of control, he was constantly being reprimanded, and yet he was being given soda and chips for lunch. All I could do is question how much the processed foods and sugar were contributing to his unruly behavior for which he kept getting scolded.


No matter how much we want to deny that what we eat has a direct impact on our mental and physical health, the science is clear. Most diseases are inflammatory – heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer to name a few. We are a nation struggling with chronic disease and lifestyle choices. The Whole30 is just one way to see if eliminating inflammatory foods improves our overall wellbeing. If you are ever thinking about doing an elimination program, but have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I am looking forward to seeing you all in class this week! There is NO THURSDAY CLASS AT THE STANFORD TRACK this week due to a scheduling conflict. I am happy to provide a track workout for you to do on your own if need one. Just let me know. Don’t forget to sign up online at www.stellafit.com.