January 25, 2016

url (7)I hope you all had a nice weekend. Each week the creeks and streams on my various trail runs seem to be singing a louder tune, The muddy trails are a welcome relief to the cracked, dry trails of last winter. I never take for granted how lucky we are to live in a place surrounded by so many beautiful trails.


I certainly hope the rain has not put a damper on your regular exercise routine. Unfortunately, I have had to cancel more classes this month than I think I have in the last 5 years combined. I know it can be disappointing when you are really needing your workout, but hopefully, this will give you a chance to try a yoga class, take a hike, or even see what is on YouTube if you just want to workout at home. I also have several workouts on my website that you can do at home. I will try to add a new one in the next couple of weeks.


I will be out of town this Thursday and Friday, so there will be no group classes on either day. I would love to see you on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – the forecast is currently dry!!! Also, stay tuned for information on my summer conditioning camps for 7th-10th graders. I will be holding either 2 or 3 weeks of camps this summer.


Enjoy your Sunday evening!