Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

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I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!


Last Wednesday I did a workshop with my 9-year old’s brownie troop on “Creating a Healthy Lifestyle”. I had the girls each draw a picture of themselves in the middle of their poster paper and then as we talked about the different elements that make up a “healthy lifestyle”, they filled in the page with pictures and words that were part of their current lifestyle or were things they wanted to add/do differently in the future. I was so impressed with the girls’ posters, they did an amazing job! The picture I included is the one my daughter did. So, what are the elements of a healthy lifestyle? I am sure you have heard it all before if you have been reading these email blogs, but here are the topics we discussed.


1. Nourishment – what you eat and drink

2. Sleep

3. Stress Management

4. Movement/exercise

5. Recovery

6. FUN!


The takeaway was that the body likes variety (in foods) and variability (in movement) and the amount of color on their posters would be an indication of how healthy their current habits were. We finished up by making green smoothies.


So, if you were to make your own poster, how colorful would it be? Think about your current habits, what you eat, how much sleep you get, how much down time you have, what you do for fun, etc. Would your poster be balanced? What changes could you make to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself?


We have a full week of classes this week! Please sign up so I know you are coming and in case of a rain cancellation, I can let you know. We will be having class tomorrow at 9am at Stanford Hills Park. I also have interest in a new track group at the Stanford Track on Wednesdays at 10:30am. Please let me know if you have interest in joining this group.