Speaking of the Whole30

whole30-newsletter-logoI hope you all are settling in to 2016. It has been a tough transition back to daily life for me after two weeks on vacation. I am not sure starting the Whole30 and getting a new puppy in the first days back has helped, but thank goodness for my deep breathing exercises to keep me from having an all out anxiety meltdown!


Speaking of the Whole30, my entire family minus my 9 year old are doing the elimination program with me. I have to say, if three out of four of my children can do it, SO CAN YOU (that is if you have the desire)! OK, I know they have a personal chef (ce serait moi), but they have been rock stars, even pretty much sticking with it around their friends, going out to dinner, etc. What I hope for my children is that they can make the connection between what they eat and how they feel so that as they get older and head off to college and out on their own, they will have that knowledge and experience that what they eat impacts not only how they feel (mentally and physically) but their productivity and overall health as well.


Over the years as I have slowly eliminated almost all processed foods from our pantry and mealtimes, I have seen firsthand the difference in my childrens’ health. They rarely get sick, and when they do get a cold, it is mild and generally gone in 3 days. We do not get flu shots, instead we work on strengthening our immune systems. I firmly believe that your best defense against colds and other viruses is from the inside out along with washing your hands. But, you do have to make the commitment to your health if that is the route you choose to take. (Please note, I am not suggesting that you or your family should not get flu shots, I am just stating that there are other options for defense against the flu if you are a healthy individual.)


A friend of mine posted this fantastic blog last week that really sums up the notion that the things you really desire in life are the ones you are willing to suffer and sacrifice to achieve. I truly believe that happiness and good health do require struggle, commitment, and hard work. It is the process that is so important. Sometimes the biggest struggle can be the one between you and your own mind. The thoughts and feelings we have developed about ourselves can be our biggest roadblocks. Yes, sometimes our fears are our biggest challenge. The process of confronting the thoughts and fears my be unpleasant and painful, but absolutely necessary to move forward. So whether you are wanting to change your lifestyle, your health, your job, relationships, whatever – I highly encourage you to read this piece. It is great “food for thought”.




As my parents always said, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Achieving a healthy lifestyle takes dedication, some sacrifice, and work, but the results are worth it, if you are willing to work for it. So, ask yourself tonight, “what am I willing to struggle for?”


We have a full week of classes this week. El Nino has arrived, so please make sure you check your email or texts if you have signed up for class in case of cancellation. I highly encourage you to sign up for class ahead of time. If you have not signed up, then I cannot let you know if it is cancelled. If class cancels, you will not be charged.


Have a great evening!!