December 13, 2015


xmass 2015Yesterday in Menlo Park I was reminded that the holiday madness seems to be in full swing. It is amazing how nasty people can be to each other this time of year. In a brief 5 minute period, I witnessed a lady losing it over the toy store’s inability to be able to get her gift wrapped in under 15 minutes. Clearly the fact that she was late to a birthday party trumped her order in the wrapping line. As I left the store, I witnessed an irate driver repeatedly honking at someone backing up to exit their parking space behind the toy store (the driver honking was traveling way to fast in the parking lot), followed by someone almost running a stop sign and hitting the pedestrian in the crosswalk.


Fortunately, as I was leaving the parking lot and heading down the main street to get back home, someone stopped and waived me onto the busy street, just the gesture I needed to be reminded that amidst all the chaos, kindness is still king.


So with that, I will try to focus on all the things I am most grateful for this Holiday season, trying to keep myself in meditative bliss and ignoring the out of control mayhem that seems to be swirling around. And, I wrote you this little poem to lighten the holiday spirit:


So, make your gratitude list and check it twice,

Try to be a little naughty and a lot nice,

Eat drink and be merry sometimes,

But don’t forget to unwind.

Yoga, HIIT, running, or barre

It doesn’t matter where you are

Just do something that makes you move

And whatever you do, don’t let the holidays ruin your groove.

Moderation is certainly key

But overindulgence doesn’t need to be

The end of your healthy habits at all

Lots of water and veggies are on call.

Short term damage is easily undone

After a night when you have too much fun.

In January we will get back on track

Whole30 is planned for the post-holiday attack!


I hope to see you all this week! This will be our last full week of group classes before we break for the holidays. All group classes will resume again on January 4th. Don’t forget to purchase your friends and family their Perfectly Fit gift cards here. Also, there are just a few spots left for my Hillview Running Skills and Conditioning class, so sign up fast!