Rules for a healthy living

RulesIs it just me, or has anyone else been cursed with the back to school anxiety cloud that seems to grow as soon as you let your mind begin to think about starting back to school? It’s difficult to remain in the present (which helps reduce anxiety) when you know what’s coming – the forms, the sign ups, the homework, the schedule management, the lunches, the rush to get to school on time…maybe I should stop here! How will we ever fit it all in on top of work, volunteer commitments, sports schedules, and home management? So, how do we stay sane when life goes from low key summer vacation to the thought of utter chaos? I try to take it one step at a time and the best place to start is by getting back on track with my healthy habits.

I know I talk about this all the time, and yes, this is a continuation of last week’s blog, but if I did not have a set of standard healthy habits that I follow during the school year, I do not think I could be successful managing a business and kids. For one, I need to avoid being sick, so keeping my immune system healthy drives most of my daily routine. I also need to keep my energy level as strong and positive as possible so I can make sure my clients are getting the best transfer of my energy. I know many of my clients whether they have kids or not, manage a schedule far more intense than mine, so I am hoping that by sharing my personal routine, you all might be able to adopt one or more habits that will help you feel better. So, here is a list of the healthy habits I follow most of the time during the school year. If you would like more information on how to improve your healthy habits or the healthy habits of your family, please contact me at

  1. Drink 1/2 lemon in warm water first thing in the morning.
  2. I drink one glass of green smoothie daily.
  3. No alcohol during the week.
  4. Avoid processed food, white food, and sweets as much as possible.
  5. Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible.
  6. In bed by 10pm and up at 5:15am during the week.
  7. Drink 2 tablespoons of Braggs unfiltered apple cider vinegar diluted in water most days. I know people who add it to their green smoothies which is a better tasting option. Apple cider vinegar is great for your gut health.
  8. I try to meditate a few minutes every day. For me, this just means focusing on my breathing – deep belly breaths with a long exhale. Sometimes I do this in the car, sometimes I do this when I run – I just fit it in when I can and when I need it.
  9. I make lists – they are not as organized as they use to be, but I still make them and they keep me sane! A “daily list” and a “need to get done soon” list.
  10. I try to workout when I can – a minimum of 3-4 days a week. I also just try to be active, whether taking stretching breaks, or walking my dog, taking the stairs always, you get the idea.
  11. Try to keep my household as chemical free as possible.

So, this week I will be getting back on the wagon so to speak with my healthy habits. I hope you will join me too, and remember, consistency is key to long term change. And if you have healthy habits that help keep you sane and healthy and are not on my list, PLEASE SHARE!

The MWF 9am class at Stanford Hills and the T/TH 6am class at Woodland are back on track this week. The only change will be the Wednesday Stanford Hills class will be held at 7am instead of 9am. I hope to see you all this week! Make sure you sign up at

I am super excited that I will be coaching Fall Cross Country at Hillview Middle School this year! If you would like more information, please check out