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I am just finishing up three days of training, completing a certification course in Project Resistance – taking the concept of 3d training to the next level. As most of you know, I love what is known in my industry as loaded movement training. Loaded movement training as a concept is fairly new and very progressive. We know the body loves variability and loaded movement training is imposing demand on variable movements. It helps the body lay down lines of collagen in multiple planes of motion to help prevent injury and also make the body stronger in 3D motion which is how we live.

From my own experience, I firmly believe that doing loaded and unloaded movement training consistently has helped me continue to run (going on 32 years) mainly injury free, has helped keep my tissues healthy to be able to withstand the repetition of lifting heavy objects in and out of my car day in and day out, has helped me be able to outlast my kids on most days, and has helped keep my body younger than what my drivers license claims as my age. Too bad it has not helped with the wrinkles! 😉

So, if your workout routine is spent consistently in one or two planes of motion, mainly frontal (like the side to side movement when playing tennis) and sagittal (running, cycling), I hope you will consider adding other movement patterns to your routine. Your body will thank you!

If you have not signed your teens up for week 3 of my Summer Skills and Conditioning Camps, I hope you will consider signing them up. Registration will close on July 15th. The sign ups for week 3 (July 20-July 23rd) will close on Wednesday, July 15th, so sign up FAST! The camps are going to be fun, challenging, and incredibly informative. You can find more information on my website at

If you are in town, I hope to see you this week. The MWF Small Group Training classes will be rocking at 9:10am!!!