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My daughter asked me on Thursday, her last day of her freshman year in high school, if I was sad that 25% of her high school years were over, meaning she was inching closer to leaving home and heading off to college. If I really thought about it that way, I might have broken down in tears, especially since some of my friends’ kids have been graduating this year, really, the first lot of kids that I have watched grow up into exceptional young adults. I am sure my answer was not what she expected, because I really am someone who loves transitions, I love the journey of life, I love new beginnings and try to embrace endings as a pathway to something ahead. So, as the school year comes to a close, I hope you all are looking forward to the summer’s journey – a chance to slow down, embrace long warm days, travel, striking up conversations with new people, exploring new places, and having a little more time to stop and embrace what is happing in you lives right now. So, let’s all say one big hip hip hooray, summer is just about to begin!

This is the last week of my regular schedule. The Thursday Atherton class will meet at the home of Flavia Herrod this week for our final class of the school year. The MWF Stanford Hills class and the T/TH Ladera class will continue until the end of June. Starting the beginning of July, all group classes will be going to a small group personal training pricing until school starts again in August.

If you have not signed your teens up for one or more of my Summer Skills and Conditioning Camps, please do so ASAP. The camps are going to be fun, challenging, and incredibly informative. You can find more information on my website at

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!