url (1)I subscribe to a fair number of lifestyle/wellness blogs and sites such as GOOP, Well+Good, and Greatist, most of which I skim over and save a couple of articles to read later or pass some on through Facebook – some do get read, but most stay open on my computer until my computer slows down so much I have to close everything out and reboot. Yes, for my highly “J” friends (Myers-Briggs type), I know that is making you cringe, but I honestly think I will find the time to read them when I leave them open. The one nutrition/wellness blog that I keep finding time to read and has become my current favorite is Nutrition Stripped – nutritionstripped.com. Maybe it’s because the author lives in my hometown (Nashville, TN) and does feature lots of hip, fun, and healthy places in Nashville, or maybe it’s her laid back style that I like so much, but whatever it is, I really enjoy her site and figure that you might too.

McKel, the author of nutritionstripped.com has recently been featuring well-known personal trainers, nutrition experts, and wellness consultants from around the country with a standard list of questions that she asks. Last week, she interviewed Joe Klemczewski, a highly accomplished sports nutritionist (http://nutritionstripped.com/interview-joe-klemczewski/). One of her standard questions is, “How would you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy?” His answer, “No one can sidestep biology – we live the lives we choose, one decision at a time” really resonated with me. Seriously thinking about this quote resulted in a fast frame of images running through my mind illustrating many decisions I had made over the years and their both positive and negative outcomes on my body. We certainly cannot go back and deconstruct the damage we have done, but we can become more mindful of our current choices and the impact they have on our bodies. Remember, what we put in our bodies is what is being used to build new cells, so the old saying, “you are what you eat”, definitely has validity.

I hope you will take a few minutes this weekend and really think about the decisions you make regarding what you eat, drink, how you move, how you sleep, how you breathe, whether you take the time to meditate or not, whether you really listen to the signals from your body that tell you to take it easy or pick things up. All of these decisions play out in our biology whether we want to acknowledge it or not. So think about the decisions you make, especially the ones that have become automatic, are you getting the outcome you want?

We have a few schedule changes this week. There will be NO CLASS ON MEMORIAL DAY and FRIDAY OF THIS WEEK. All classes Tuesday – Thursday are available for sign up. If you are coming to class, please sign up online at www.stellafit.com. You will need to purchase a class card if you do not have one on file. If you currently have one on file, please go ahead and email me if you are coming to class. You can also use MindBody to check the schedule as it is posted online and will stay current.

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