March 22, 2015

The question isn’t can you? It’s will you?

nike-fitness-motivational-quotes--motivation-skinny-thin-inspiration-run-wallpaperI hope to see you all in class this week! I know this time of year gets busier with each passing week until Summer break finally gets here, but getting in your exercise will boost your mood, reduce your anxiety, make you feel better, help keep you from getting sick, and keep your mind sharp. I am pretty sure if I told you I had a pill that would do all of that for you, you would take it, so take it by making sure that your exercise of choice is on your calendar most days!

My Spring Break is the week of April 20th – 24th, so there will be no group classes that week. Otherwise, I am hoping to see you at the park, at Woodland, or in Atherton! Don’t forget to sign up online at You will need to purchase a class card if you do not have one on file. If you currently have one on file, please go ahead and email me if you are coming to class. As your cards run out, you will need to start using MindBody to sign up for class. You can also use MindBody to check the schedule as it is posted online and will stay current.

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!