“Your habits become your architecture”

mar 8-15It’s interesting to think about how some of us become so disconnected with certain muscle groups, maybe due to insecurities, or maybe due to pain or injury. When we are able to connect with our bodies, in a mindful and insightful way, it will speed up the progress of your fitness goals. In fact, one of the surest ways to reverse progress is the stay disconnected to what is happening on the “inside” while you are changing the “outside”. Your feelings about your body must be addressed while your body is changing, otherwise, you are more likely to revert right back into the old habits that you established to support the feelings that were living inside your body. One of the most difficult things to do in life is to take a hard look at what you are doing that is sabotaging getting you to where you want to go. Yep. the old “take a look at your reflection in the mirror” is far more difficult than it sounds. Your feelings on the inside must evolve with your body on the outside. Whether you are losing weight, getting stronger, mastering new yoga poses, lifting a new max weight, I encourage you to embrace your new body, embrace the progress, notice the difference in the way your body feels, and really connect with what that means. If it brings about feelings of sadness and pain, then sit with those feelings in silent meditation and really try to embrace the feelings and work through them a part of your progress. If it brings about feelings of pride and joy, then really embrace those as well.

As I say over and over like a broken record, “your habits become your architecture”, but our habits are deeply rooted in our emotions – the way we hold our bodies is a reflection of the way we feel about ourselves, the way we are open or closed off with our body language is a reflection of our comfort with our environment and the people around us. In order to change even the most basic of body postures, we need to embrace the feelings that surround the change. I challenge you all this week to notice one or more friends making positive changes in their lives and acknowledge their progress in a supportive way.

If you want to expand on this topic, here is another blog on how to connect with the body:


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