Week 3 – Power Workout

Health_Holidays_clipWow, the challenge of staying healthy or at least trying not to get too far off track over the holidays is upon us in all its glory! I saw many of you at holiday parties over the weekend and I must say, you all look fabulous in your holiday best! For those of you who I do not see regularly, but receive my weekly update, I always enjoy hearing that you read the blog. The one tip I have this week for surviving the holidays is STAY HYDRATED! Make sure you switch to water or drink one glass of water per cocktail at your holiday parties, I promise your body will thank you the next day!
Here is your 3rd week of workouts to get you through the holidays. I am adding some explosive moves for power this week. Enjoy and don’t forget to save the workouts for future reference.

Week 3 – Power Workout

After a quick warmup of 10 squats, 10 forward lunges, 10 side lunges, and 10 down dog and walkout to plank – do the following set in order, rest for 2 minutes and then repeat 3-4 times (do 4-5 sets total).

Each exercise will be performed for the number of reps listed below.

As always, make sure and initiate all movement from the hips, keep your spine neutral (straight), and reach with your scapula (shoulder blades). Exercise should be challenging but not painful when performed. If you feel any pain, please make a modification.

1. 12x – Squat jumps with 180 degree jump – no weights
2.  8x – Right side lunge with left arm hook – stand then do a plank with row
3.  8x – Left side lunge with right arm hook – stand then do a plank with row
4.  12x – Split lunge jumps with dead weights
5.  12x – Burpees with pushup
6.  12x – Boats
Here is the link to the videos: