Week 1 – Bodyweight Workout

I know most people struggle to keep up with their fitness routine over the holidays and many will gain between 1-5 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it does not have to be that way for you! So, my holiday gift this year is three weeks of progressing workouts that you can do at home that will keep you fit and fabulous over the month of December. You can even start them over again the week of Dec. 22nd and go for another 3 weeks. So please, be a respectful gift receiver and make sure and try the workouts!! If you do the workouts 3 days a week or on your off days if you are coming to my class (or run, or go to a different class) and follow the tips below, you should be able sail through the holidays with ease, and who knows, you might even be fitter in January!
Holiday tips for staying fit and fabulous while having a fabulous holiday:

1. Keep it simple! If you are not going to a party or out to dinner with family or friends, make simple meals at home that are mostly vegetables and lean protein – preferably grass fed meats or local wild caught fish.

2. When going out to a party, have one health goal for the evening – it may be to drink a glass of water in between cocktails, to skip the appetizers, to avoid crackers and bread, to only have one dessert, etc. But just stick to one goal!
3. Prepare a list of interesting questions before you head out to ask your old friends or new at the party – engaging in meaningful conversation is a great way to not overeat!

4.  Stick to drinking on the weekends. Alcohol can sabotage your diet and workout routine, so try to keep on track during the week.

5.  Move as much as you can! It is always preferable to stay on your regular workout routine, but if that is not happening, just keep moving! Walk the stairs when you are out, park as far away as you can, do a combination of plank position lowers and dog down upon rising in the mornings, take walking conference calls, etc.

6.. Enjoy, the holidays only come around once a year!!

Here is the workout for this week. There is a video following the description to help make sure you do all exercises correctly. Enjoy and let me know how it goes!!!

Week 1 – Bodyweight Workout

After a quick warmup of 10 squats, 10 forward lunges, 10 side lunges, and 10 down dog and walkout to plank – do the following set in order, rest for 2 minutes and then repeat 3-4 times (do 4-5 sets total).


1.  20x Bodyweight squats
2. 12x Pushup with axis rotation
3.  12x each side – squat to rotational lunge and plank
4.  12x  Low pushup with shift or tricep lowers
5.  20x rollups
Here is the link to the videos: