Time + Effort = Results



I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend!! I have to give a big shout out to Allison Kroeger today who finished her second half marathon in 1:52:02!  She shaved 15 minutes off her last half marathon!
When Allison finished her last half marathon, she asked me if I thought she could run her next one in under 2 hours. I put together a 3 month training plan that included long runs, track intervals, yoga, plus some ViPR work that was specifically meant to help improve her stability and mobility.  In the end, it was her hard work that paid off today.  She was very consistent in her routine, stuck with the schedule, focused on improving her nutrition to help her performance, and the results speak for themselves.
I encourage all of you to set a fitness or wellness goal that is challenging, but attainable.  For Allison, it was all about being consistent and making some small changes along the way that made a big difference in the end.  Maybe some of you have already set your summer goals and need help with core strength or stability.  If so, let me know, I am happy to design a program for you.
On another note, I am hoping to have a small group training class at Elementus this summer.  Please let me know if you are interested, it would either be on Wednesday and Friday at 6 am or on Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am.  I would be looking for 4-5 people for each class.