Make Time for Your Health


As I was standing in line in Phoenix waiting to board our plane to Nashville on Thursday, I could not help but notice the number of people in wheelchairs, it had to be more than 15, closer to 20 probably.  Looking around, I could point out another 20 people who looked like they might be in wheelchairs by the time they took their next vacation.  As we exited the plane in Nashville, there were another 12+ people waiting in wheelchairs to board the plane we just exited from.  I have never seen so many people traveling in wheelchairs.  These were not 90+ year old people, these were people in their 60’s and 70’s!  Is it a sign of our country’s decaying health or are people trying to work the system to be the first to board?  What makes me the most sad is knowing that your health is something that you largely have control over.  Sure, it is much easier to talk about making healthy changes than to actually implement them, but even small changes can make an enormous difference.  So please, if you need to make changes to your routine to improve your health, there is no time like the present!!
1.  If it does not come from a plant or animal (preferably organic plant and grass fed animal), you should not be eating it!
2.  Limit your sugar, limit your sugar, limit your sugar!!!
3.  Try to eat a rainbow every day – one cup of greens, one cup of yellows, one cup of oranges, one cup of reds, one cup of purples, etc.
4..  Exercise daily!  This does not mean you have to fit in an hour run or class, you can simply make sure you move every hour.  Park your car as far away from the office or store as you can, take the stairs, ride your bike to work, take a walk at lunch, just be active!!!!
5.  Try to fit in 2-3 strength sessions per week and 3-4 cardio sessions per week.  These can be 20 minutes or more, just make it happen!
6.  Be active with your kids, play with them, get them engaged!!
7.  Try to make most of your meals at home so you know what you are eating!!!
8.  Educate your family members and extended family members – pay it forward!!!