December 8, 2013

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays



Well, a Happy Chaotic Holidays to you!  That’s at least how it feels to me every December.  Why is it that people seem to become mildly psychotic as soon as Thanksgiving ends and the mad dash to New Year’s begins.  The Holidays are always a fun, exciting, and also very stressful time.  In the past two weeks I have had clients lose loved ones, had a family friend be admitted to the hospital for a second time in 3 weeks with a very serious medical condition, had a family friend involved in a fatal car accident, have clients whose loved ones are heading home to India after an extended visit, clients dealing with serious health issues with their children, etc.   On top of everything on our plates, we still have to keep up with work, kids’ schedules, and other responsibilities all while celebrating the month away.  That is why I am giving you my top ten ways to reduce stress and keep yourself healthy for the next few weeks!!
10.  Keep music playing at all times (Pandora, iTunes radio, and Spotify are great choices).
9.  Cuddle with your dog! (yes, pets and music are both shown to reduce stress).
8.  Skip around the block with your kids.
7.  Share a glass of wine with your best friends.
6.  Engage in a laughing contest with your children. (Laughter is another proven way to reduce stress).
5.  Take regular meditation breaks during the day – 5 minutes of deep breathing can do wonders for your stress level.
4.  Make time for a long run with friends – nothing better than running and working out life’s problems.
3.  Take a Bikram yoga class – holding difficult poses at some unbearable temperature should make you appreciate the chilly temps – plus, you will sweat out all that alcohol you have been consuming!
2.  Make practicing gratitude part of your daily routine.  It only takes seconds in the morning and evening to name 3-5 things for which you are grateful.
1.  Get your butt to Perfectly Fit boot camp everyday!!!!!

It is cold out there, so get out your hats and gloves, especially for the T/TH 6 am class, and dress in layers so you will be comfortable working out.  My Ladera 6 am ladies ROCKED their Thursday workout in 27 degrees last week!!!  No excuses!!!

 Housekeeping note:  For those of you who have unused classes on file, ALL CARDS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN USED IN THE LAST 6  MONTHS WILL EXPIRE JANUARY 31st, 2014, so come on out and use up those classes!!!!  You can also apply the remaining balance toward one-on-one or small group personal training sessions.
This is the last full week of classes for the year.  Next week will be a shortened schedule and then we will resume the week of January 6th.  I hope you can make it to class!!!