Keeping Fit over the Summer!

I hope your summer is off to a fabulous start!!!  I know how easy it is to enjoy the lazy days of summer a little too much!!  Check below the schedule for a list of tips on how to enjoy your summer without having to completely detox by the end!  I have also listed a few ideas for what to do when your trainer is out of town, as I will be gone this Thursday, June 27th-July 7th.  I am back for most of July and plan on continuing the group classes as long as I have enough committed people.  Please let me know if you will be here in July and plan on coming!!

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday –  7:30 am at Stanford Hills Park.
Tuesday – 6 am at Woodland School in Ladera and 9:15 am at the home of Darcy Leschly – 269 Oak Grove, Atherton.  Please park on Encino and come in the side gate.
Wednesday –  6 am at the home of Ruth Housenbold – please email if you would like to join this small group and 7:30 am at Stanford Hills Park


Summer Tips:

1.  Hydrate hydrate hydrate – every cell in your body will thank you!!!  Carry water with you everywhere and drink up!!!  Don’t forget to make sure your kids stay hydrated as well.
2.  Avoid sodas, juices, and other sugary drinks.  Don’t be suckered into thinking you need to drink Gatorade or Vitamin Water (our kids definitely do not need them).  Unless you are exercising intensely in the heat for over an hour, you do not need anything other than water to replenish lost fluids!!!
3.  Stick with clean eating as much as possible.  Heading out for a BBQ, no problem, try to eat lean meats and vegetables and avoid the processed fare.  You will thank yourself the next day!!!!
4.  Try to get some exercise everyday, even if it is just a brisk walk.  If you need a workout to do at home, check for the workout of the day.  You should be able to do the workouts on vacation as well.
5.  Try out some new classes.  Margaret Romero offers a great barre/strength class as well as a ViPR class at Alpine Hills and a private studio off Woodside Road.  Please contact her directly if you would like the times for her classes –  Yoga Source in Palo Alto and Studio Rincon both offer a variety of good yoga classes.
6.  Sign up for a race with a friend and train together.  Training with a friend is a great way to challenge yourself, stay on track, and build a stronger relationship.  Plus, it is just FUN!
7.  Play games (tag, races, softball, handball, pool games, etc) with your kids and challenge each other to eat healthy.  Making fitness and healthy eating a family affair is better for everyone!!
I hope to see you all this week!!!!  Please email and let me know that you are coming, it really helps me prepare for class.