Summer Schedule + Fat Talk

The countdown is on – yes, some of you lucky parents have already crossed the end of the school year finish line, while many of us are struggling to get our kids to the last day without a major meltdown!!!  I want to remind you that you are always welcome to bring your kids with you to the MWF class at Stanford Hills Park.  I know it can be difficult to maintain your exercise routine with your kids home for the summer, but do not slack off or your grump-o-meter (as we call it in our house) will keep creeping up!!

Schedule changes for the summer:
1.  Starting Monday, June 17th, the MWF class at Stanford Hills Park will move to 7:30 am and the T/TH class at Darcy’s will start at 9:15 am.  This gives everyone a chance to workout either before or after camp drop offs.  If your regular class is not meeting at the time you prefer, please do not hesitate to try a different location.  I have the best clients a trainer could possibly ask for and I am sure you will be able to fit in at any location!!!
2.  All group classes will end on Wednesday, June 26th (and reconvene when school starts) unless I have enough committed people to keep them going.  So, if you are going to be here in July and August (I will be gone the 1st week of both) and want to keep training, please let me know.  If I can put together a few small groups, it would be great to keep going!!
3.  If you would like to add a one-on-one day, small group training, or family training to your summer schedule, please let me know as I have a little availability for the summer months.
I read this NYTimes blog/article last week and consider it the perfect reminder to watch our “fat talk” language (especially around our children) as skimpy summer clothes reappear in our closets along with bikini season.
I went to an all-girls high school where many of the girls struggled with their body image, despite wearing uniforms all day.  It was and still is a very competitive school, full of girl leaders and girl power.  But even the kids who seem to have the best self-images can feel lousy about their bodies when they are changing so rapidly during adolescence.  I know eating disorders are in every high school around here and are much more prevalent in boys and girls than most parents want to believe.  One thing we can do to help ourselves feel better as well as helping our children feel better about their own bodies is to watch our “fat talk”!  You know, it sounds something like “my thighs are huge!”  Nothing could deflate me more in my youth than shopping with my adorable southern grandmother as she would passive-aggressively make statements in the dressing room like, “don’t you think those jeans make your bottom look big?”  All I heard was “crap, my ass is huge!!!!”  And then you start to believe that your ass is huge, that is how it works.  So, let’s all band together and work on accepting our bodies for their strength and what they help us do everyday.  We are all so fortunate to have strong, healthy bodies and certainly want our children to appreciate their own bodies for all the things they allow us to do!
Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday –  9:00 am at Stanford Hills Park.
Tuesday – 6 am at Woodland School in Ladera and 9:00 am at the home of Darcy Leschly – 269 Oak Grove, Atherton.  Please park on Encino and come in the side gate.
Wednesday –  6 am at the home of Ruth Housenbold – please email if you would like to join this small group and 9:00 am at Stanford Hills Park
Thursday – 6 am at Woodland School in Ladera and 9:00 am at the home of Darcy Leschly – 269 Oak Grove, Atherton.  Please park on Encino and come in the side gate.
Friday –  6 am at the home of Ruth Housenbold – please email if you would like to join this small group and 9:00 am at Stanford Hills Park
If you cannot make it to class, check out for the workout of the week that you can do at home.  Please email and let me know that you are coming, it really helps me prepare for class.