Workout of the Week

Tabata workout of the week:

Make sure you load Tabata Pro on your iPhone or iPad first.

Week 1-3
After you warm up, perform 8 cycles of the following 8 tabatas:

1. High knees
2. Plank jacks
3. Skaters
4. Push-ups
5. Squat jumps
6. Running man sit ups
7. Mountain Climbers
8. Tricep dips (4) and hip bridges (4)

Week 4-6
Plyometrics and core work to get your body ready

Please do each exercise for 1 minute with 15 seconds in between. When you complete all 10 exercises, you can rest 1-2 minutes before repeating the set again. Try to complete 3 full rounds of the set!

1. Squat jumps
2. Pushups
3. Split lunge jumps
4. Tricep dips
5. Mountain Climbers
6. Jackknife crunches
7. Burpees
8. Superman lifts
9. Tuck jumps
10. Plank jacks

Week 7-9
Will need to load Tabata Pro app on your phone or iPad.

Warm up with jumping jacks, lunges, reaching right and left.

Tabata Workout:

1. burpees
2. pushups
3. split lunge jumps – alternating legs
4. high knees
5. tricep dips
6. superman lifts
7. squat jumps
8. abdominal crunches
Cool down with some light jogging and stretching.