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Personal Training – an excellent option if you have specific health and fitness goals, your time is limited, or you have an injury or other condition that inhibits your daily life or regular workouts. Before your first session, Stella will meet with you to gather any information she needs in order to help you achieve your goals.  All first training sessions include a movement evaluation and baseline fitness evaluation.

Customized Small Group Training – for people who would like to workout with a partner or friend(s) and share the cost, this is a great option. You will still receive a customized workout that can be modified for individual needs/goals, but you get the added bonus of community. You find the group, we will set goals, and I will come up with the workout plan!

Small Group Personal Training Classes & Wednesday 6 am class– The body craves variety of movement and variability of load. This class combines the latest in fitness/health science to give you a combination of workouts each week to keep your body in top form. Each week we do a different combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), HISS (High Intensity Steady State) SIIT (Submaximal Intensity Interval Training) and SISS (Submaximal Intensity Steady State) workouts. The workouts are progressed throughout the quarter to provide maximum mobility, stability, strength, and cardio benefits. Each class is custom built to achieve the best results in one hour. All participants who sign up for the monthly membership receive access to the stellafit personal app complete with nutrition tips and community support.

Youth Programs – Stella offers 2 programs at Hillview Middle School in Menlo Park, CA as well as has several private youth classes that she offers weekly as well as one-on-one personal training. If you are interested in your own customized group youth class or one-on-one training for your youth, please contact Stella at stellabergan @

Nutrition, Wellness, Lifestyle Coaching – Ready to take your health to the next level? Tired of doing the same thing and not getting the results you desire? Worried about a child or teen who does not have optimal healthy habits? Are you dealing with inflammation or an autoimmune disease? Giving your body the right environment to thrive and heal itself is essential to living your healthiest life. Stella offers 60 minute, 45 minute, and 30 minute coaching sessions done in person or remotely or if you live locally and are looking to combine your nutrition and fitness changes you may be interested in the

Lifestyle Change Package – If you are ready for a change, the Lifestyle Coaching package is for you! This package includes:
1 1/2 hour initial coaching session complete with food log analysis and evaluation of past and present lifestyle choices. Be prepared to answer lots of questions.
Follow up consultation with nutrition, exercise, healthy habits plan.
6 x 30-minute coaching sessions over the 12 week period following the initial coaching session to keep you on track, tweak the program, help you incorporate your new habits into your lifestyle.
1 x 1-hour one-on-one personal training session – generally done at the follow-up, but can be done later if desired.

Corporate Health and Wellness Consulting Stella’s past experience as an Executive Coach and Organizational Development Consultant at Ernst and Young combined with her experience as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach makes her perfectly suited to guide your employees to improved health and lifestyle choices.

** StellaFit Cancellation Policy **

Stella has a 24 -hour cancellation policy for services booked before noon. For afternoon services, please cancel before noon the day before your booking to avoid being charged.

Questions or for more information please contact Stella HERE