Health and Human Performance Coach


Stella Taylor Bergan is a fitness and lifestyle consultant and wellness expert based in Portola Valley, California.


“Building a functional body is essential to moving well, living well, and enjoying the activities that make life fun!” – Stella


As a teenager, I struggled with body image, always feeling like I needed to lose those last five pounds. By the time I started college, I was battling eating issues and poor health habits. Midway through college after being hospitalized with pneumonia and coming very close to dying, I turned a corner and from then on, the quest to lead a healthier lifestyle began. For the last 30 years, I have been engaged in learning as much as I can about food, fitness, nutrition, health, habits, mental health, and anything that leads to feeling better and living a full life. Fortunately, I had an interest in cooking “gourmet” meals from a very early age.  Now, I just try to cook tasty yet nutrient packed meals for my family of 6.


Before starting stellafit, I worked as an executive coach and change management consultant for Ernst & Young, LLC. I received my bachelor’s degree from Birmingham-Southern College and my master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Virginia. I am a NASM certified personal trainer with a unique combination of strategy, coaching, and therapy skills. My passion is to help my clients live their best lives, allowing them to make all things possible. This drives me to stay up to date on the most current science and health education.


Certifications include

  • Precision Nutrition
  • TRX
  • Power Plate
  • Animal Flow
  • Project Resistance
  • Institute of Motion’s L1, L2, L3 mentorships
  • PTAGlobal’s L2 mentorship, 
  • Completed a 2-day cadaver lab with Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains
  • Equinox High Performance Living Symposium annually.

I am a wife, mom of 4 active kids, a lifelong sports enthusiast, and a runner for over 35 years, including 9 marathons, three 200 mile relays, and over a hundred other races.

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